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              무료 가입 강원랜드 슬롯머신 추천

              web analytics

              No Trees is the only website statistics you need to boost your website
              4 in 1: Website Statistics. Live Chat. Page Analysis. Uptime Monitor.

              Web Analytics

              Track visitors and convert them to customers

              We do much more than classic web analytics when it comes to your statistics. Watch your visitors as they come from referrals, browse through pages, Trigger your specified actions and goals in funnel, and convert to paid customer. All of your visitors informations and profiles are provided you in a searchable daterange-enabled report. Using Profile Aliasing, If same user login via another device, we identify and attach visits to first and original visitor profile.

              Knowledge is power. Know what they click on.

              Stop wasting money with advertisement until you try this! Like classic heatmaps where it show heatmap of most clicked areas of your pages? You're going to love Page Analysis. Identify low performing elements and buttons, see exactly which element in your pages get most and least clicks, pivot until your conversion rate reach to roof.

              Improved UX = Visitors converted to customers

              UX swap
              Web Analytics
              Web Analytics

              They tried to tell you something...

              While watching your visitors, you can engage and start chat session with them if you feel they are stuck or need your help. They can also see your or your agent's online status and request to chat with you if they have questions. Plugins allows to detect when you are idle in your computer, you can also configure each agent's daily off-time. Canned responses and ability to see client's message before they send the message, make chatting a breeze!

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